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We are Educational Consultants committed to bringing knowledge and skills to the doorsteps of students/trainees, and independent researchers across the globe

Invitation for Locum Tutors and Workshop Facilitators

Lecturers from the rank of Senior Lecturer and above are invited to join our team of “Locum Tutors and Workshop Facilitators”. Please send your application letter and CV (via cintarch.tutors@gmail.com) to:

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Upcoming Event

Online Workshop

Theme: Basic Skills in Validating Screening Tests


Date: Saturday, 24th April 2021

Time: 9:00am to 3:45pm (West Central Africa)


Target group: Postgraduate Students / Trainees (Masters, PhD, Resident Doctors, etc.,), Academic Staff of Tertiary Institutions and Professionals


Registration Fee: Please click on the link below to access the flyer for the payment details:



Please register at: https://cintarch.org/registerworkshop/


Videos and PPT slides of Online Workshops and Courses

We produce and make available online the videos and PPT slides of our “Online Workshops” and “Professional Enhancement Courses”  for Postgraduate Students/Trainees (Masters, PhD, Resident Doctors, etc.), Academic Staff of Tertiary Institutions and Professionals.


List of Videos (Free):

How to Create a Database in SPSS

Descriptive Statistics 1 (How To Run Frequencies and Compute The Mean, Mode and Median In SPSS)

How to Design the Template of a Dissertation

How to Present Data in Tabular Form in a Dissertation



Free PPT slides: 

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Online Consultations and Tutorials

We offer online tutorials on Statistics, Principles of Epidemiology and Research Methodology for students/trainees (both undergraduate and postgraduate) in the higher institutions of learning.

We also offer online consultation on various aspects of research (including Development of Protocol/Proposal; Development and Validation of Data Collection Instrument; Electronic Data Collection using Open Data Kit or Google Forms; Data Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation of Results; and Dissertation/Thesis writing) for postgraduate students/trainees [including Masters, PhD and Part II (Fellowship) candidates of the postgraduate medical colleges], and independent researchers.

If you wish to have an Online Tutorial session with us on any of the topics covered in our videos or on other topics in Statistics, Epidemiology and Research design; or you wish to have an Online Consultation session with us regarding your research, please make your request for a quote through the online request platform at:



Research Methodology​

The topics covered in Research Methodology include (but not limited to):

*      Introduction to Research

*      Introduction to Study Designs

*      How to write a Research Protocol / Proposal

*      Development of Instrument of Data Collection

*      Validation of Instrument of Data Collection

*      Sample Size Estimation in Research

*      Sampling Techniques in Research    

*      How to Collect Data with Open Data Kit (ODK)

*      How to Design a Database in SPSS

*      How to Run Frequencies and Compute the Mean, Median and Mode in SPSS

*      How to Design the Template of a Dissertation

*      How to Present Data in a Dissertation

*      How to Design and Format Tables and Charts; and How to Create automatic List of Tables, List of Figures and Table of Contents in a Dissertation

*      Referencing with Endnote

*      Bivariate Analysis in Research

*      Multivariate Analysis in Research



The topics covered in Statistics include (but not limited to):

          *    Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Mode)

          *    Measures of Dispersion [Range, Standard Deviation, Interquartile Range (IQR), Coefficient of Variation, etc.]

          *    Methods of Data Presentation

          *    Normal and Skewed Distributions

          *    Measures of Association

          *    Correlation and Regression

          *    Probability Theory

          *    Binomial test

          *    Principles of Parameters Estimation

          *    Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

          *    Z test and One Sample T test

          *    Independent T test

          *    Paired T test

          *    Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

          *    Introduction to Non-Parametric test

          *    Mann-Whitney U test

          *    Wilcoxon Rank Sum test

          *    Wilcoxon Matched Pair Signed Rank test

          *    Kruskal-Wallis Rank Sum test


Principles of Epidemiology

The topics covered in Principles of Epidemiology include (but not limited to):

          *    Epidemiological Concepts

          *    Theories of Disease Causation

          *    Determinants of Disease

          *    Ecological Models of Disease Occurrence

          *    Disease Control

          *    Measures of Morbidity

          *    Measures of Mortality

          *    Descriptive Epidemiology

          *    Case Control Studies

          *    Cohort Studies

          *    Experimental Studies

          *    Standardization of Rates (Direct and Indirect methods)

          *    Introduction to Screening Tests

          *    Validation of Screening Tests

          *    Epidemiologic Surveillance

          *    Outbreak Investigation and Response