Editorial Board

Executive Editor

Dr. Muhammad Abdullahi Sabo, PhD

Chief Lecturer, 

Department of Primary Health Care Education,

College of Technical and Vocational Education,

Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna, Nigeria.

Email: likitasabo@gmail.com


Associate Editors

Dr. Issa Nasiru Olokooba, PhD

Department of Social Sciences Education,

University of Ilorin, 

Ilorin, Nigeria.

Email: olokoobain@gmail.com


Dr. Juliana Daniels, PhD

Department of English Education,

University of Education, 

Winneba, Ghana.

Email: jdaniels@uew.edu.gh; julyddan@gmail.com

Dr. Auwalu Rabiu Ali, PhD

Department of Education,

College of Education,

Al-Qalam University, Katsina, Nigeria. 

Email: auwalurabiualirano@gmail.com

The list shall be updated as more members are appointed.

To join our editorial board, please send your CV to editor.cintarch@gmail.com